The best way is to sign up for our online newsletters. There is a handy form at the footer of each page. Our brochures come out in the fall for the season and our print newsletters are sent once a quarter.

Audition times are scheduled by the director of that production. They are usually about 12 weeks prior to the first public performance. The best way to hear of an up coming audition, is to sign up for our online newsletters. Notices are published in local newspapers, too. But, many do not read newspapers and we have no control of when the notice will actually be published.

The Gallery Theatre was formed in 1966 as a volunteer community theatre organization: including the board of directors. We believe that nurturing, developing, and providing an opportunity for talented locals is an important part of their lives; and of ours. From a legal perspective, our applications and licenses to perform copyrighted works are based on non-professional without pay.

The theatre is owned by a non-profit 501 C-3 corporation named: The Gallery Theatre, Inc. Day-to-day management is the responsibility of the executive director, who is employed by the board of directors. The board of directors are responsible for the financial health and setting policies and procedures to insure the organization is operated in a manner consistent with its mission statement in the Articles of Incorporation.

The Gallery Theatre is available for rental during times when we are not in rehearsals or performances during our season. Contact us to inquire if our schedule can accommodate your event and the cost to lease the theatre, lighting, and sound systems.

Yes. Our primary theatre arts program for children is The Summer Youth Theatre Workshop (SYTW). This annual workshop runs four weeks and is scheduled to begin the third Monday in June and ends the third Saturday in July. The workshop produces a musical theatre work and presents two performances for the public at the conclusion. You must register and pay a nominal fee to participate. The workshop is open to all school aged youth 7 through seniors. Press releases and online newsletters are available in the spring to announce the title of the production and the specific dates of the SYTW. Be sure you are receiving our online newsletters to learn more about the SYTW.

A great historical theater that has carried on the traditions of entertaining, educating, and enriching the community for 50 years. The people here are some of the most talented and professional found in any venue.
- Tony Jenkins

Gallery Theatre projects are supported by the NC Arts Council, a division of the Department of Cultural Resources.